U11 (2012 & 2013)

This is the last division that is encompassed in the Softball Canada Learn to Play program. We will introduce more of the rules, run games with umpires and develop pitching and other skills throughout the season. Skill development is still the focus at this age and sessions will alternate between practices and games. Practices will teach the players the rules and skills of softball through fun games and drills, and games will introduce more rules and have umpires, outs, and stealing bases. This is the first division that we have player pitchers.  Coaches will pitch after a pre-determined number of pitches for the first half of the season, and players will pitch full games for the second half of the season.

Equipment Required: Cleats, glove, infielders mask and helmet with a cage and a chin strap. Catchers require a Jill protective cup. A jersey and socks are provided.